The internet is outraged.

There’s always something. Perhaps it’s a celebrity that has said something sexist. Or a minor public intellectual who’s made a bad joke or used a racist slur. I don’t know. But I do know this: first and most importantly, it’s okay it be pissed off and to call people out on their bad behavior; secondly, it probably won’t change anything.

Of the first point, because it’s…

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Nebraska talk

I was recently invited to deliver a paper at the University of Nebraska Lincoln on my gāthā project. An audio recording is below. The quality isn’t perfect, and some of the music clips I used are hard to hear, but you should be able to get the general idea.

The title and description of the talk are as follows:

American Gāthā: the ritual use of music in U.S. Jōdo Shinshū Buddhist communities


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This is your brain on Habermas.


Emory University, Philosophy

Critical Theory at the Crossroads: Why We Need a Speculative Philosophy of History

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Your culture (via WE THE ROBOTS - page 5)

Your culture (via WE THE ROBOTS - page 5)


Everyone is ethnic. Let’s start there.

The Angry Asian Buddhist’s most recent postcritiques another blogger’s use of the word “ethnic.” In many discourses about race and ethnicity, the use of the term is in juxtaposition to some “non-ethnic” category, though rarely is this made explicit. In this case, the blogger in question explicitly uses the term “non-ethnic.” There are two things to note here.

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On a plane over Nebraska earlier this week, I wrote a really good post. It started on an idea somewhere between Fred Phelps and Meiji-era Japanese Buddhist socialists. It was about ethics. And karma. It was deep and philosophical and profound and you would have loved it. I deleted it accidentally, and Fred died, and it seems already out of date and unimportant. So I don’t have anything new for…

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I am very late to the non-Buddhism/x-Buddhism party, let alone the post that inspires what I’m about to say. So the following isn’t mean to comment on, one way or the other, that ongoing discourse. Something written on the Speculative Non-Buddhism Blog that I happened to read over this past weekend triggered some other memory in my brain, and I felt compelled to write about it. So here goes.


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Taking flight means to experiment with conjunctions, initiate new intensities, engage in impossibilities, risk incomprehensibility. You may take flight in a sober, even ascetic manner, employing caution, precision and care. You may also do so drunk, permitting yourself excess, risking error and remorse, even grandly entertaining the esoteric glow of dreams or the fumes of revolution.

Whatever you chose to do, will you just do it with passion, for fuck’s sake?


Reopen http://wp.me/pfBg1-j

I’m resurrecting the blog. My faculty blog (this-a-way) will remain up and will post institute-related news. To the extent that this blog is my personal blog, neither supported nor endorsed by the Institute, the views and opinions expressed are mine. This site has ads because when you hear about people getting their advanced degrees with six figures of debt, yeah, that’s me. I don’t endorse the…

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Zooey Deschanel is ruining everyone’s lives


Design and Technology, National Film School at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Ireland

“The reality of woman; the evolution of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl and the trope’s effect on cultural gender identity”

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I know of some potential students who have been put off by the Institute of Buddhist Studies’ style, its lack of glamor—in the original sense of that which bedazzles and distracts—and its almost total absence of the paraphernalia of Buddhist exotica. This is intentional, and although the phrase “corporate spirituality” only occurred to me this morning, the intent of IBS’s stylistics may be located in the desire to avoid corporate spirituality, and exploitation of the consumer that is the consequence of corporate spirituality.
— One of the reasons why I love working here. Via http://rkpayne.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/corporatist-spirituality/
Why Buddhism (and mindfulness) part three: with special guest, Mushim IkedaOur third and final episode with special guest Mushim Ikeda from the East Bay Meditation Center. In…View Post

Why Buddhism (and mindfulness) part three: with special guest, Mushim Ikeda

Our third and final episode with special guest Mushim Ikeda from the East Bay Meditation Center. In…

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